Friday, April 30, 2010

Flaunt Worthy Fonts

On most computers Times New Roman is the default font, and in my opinion the most boring (it brings me back to the days of writing school papers and no one wants to be reminded of that!)  Well I'm here to tell you we have come a long way since the days of only having a few fonts to select from.  In fact, typography can be an inexpensive way to create an interesting and dynamic marketing design.  So this week’s blog features a few of my newest font favorites! Use these fonts or others, to spice up your website or make attention-grabbing marketing material. Just be careful that it is still easy to read and flows with your overall design objectives. Enjoy!

Featured Fonts:

Orial- I love that the swirls add delicateness to this bold typography.

FontDinerDotCom- Retro, yet whimsical this font reminds me of a 50’s diner.

El&Font Block- This graffiti style font would be hard to pull off for most businesses. But….I think given the right audience and industry, like an urban fashion blog and this font could add some edginess.

Green Piloww- I love the organic handwritten characteristics of this font. I think it would be perfect for a green business.

TrashCo- Grungy with ink splatter spots, this typography is funky and functional.

Vtks Revolt- I like that the capital letters are different from the rest of the word. This one is creative yet easy to read which is key.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Douglas County Divas April Networking Event

JeNae and I had the pleasure of attending our third DC Divas event on Tuesday night, which of course was SO much fun! If you are not familiar with the DC Divas, you should get acquainted because I’m sure they will be taking over a bar near you :) The networking group was started by Pam Anderson, Heidi Mendoza and Theresa Buckley and meets the third Tuesday of every month. It is a free fun networking group to meet businesswomen in and around Douglas County. I can’t say enough great things about how well the events turn out, the fabulous women we meet and the always fun diva drink of the night (Tuesday nights drink was a mix of pineapple infused vodka and pomegranate liquor YUM!) The event this month had a new twist and started an hour early at the new eco friendly boutique, Chrysalis. Chrysallis was a perfect fit for the event since this week we celebrate earth day. Chrysalis is located in the new Streets of Southglenn shopping area located on Arapahoe and University. If you have not been in this newly revitalized shopping area I highly recommend it. They have awesome new restaurants and shops. It’s also all outside so you can walk the streets and take in the gorgeous Colorado spring weather. Later in the evening we moved over to Bar Louie across the street. Bar Louie is a trendy new bar with a fantastic happy hour. Needless to say the event was a huge success and we are already looking forward to attending the next event in May!

Check out some of the pics snapped at the event:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Networking and Social Media Marketing 101

When starting a business hearing the word “free” is music to your ears, so this week’s blog focuses on two areas where you can market your new business freely! Networking and social media shouldn't be thought of as the poor man's advertising though. They increasingly are becoming a crucial piece in building brand's in today's market. But before you get started here is the cliff notes version on the Do’s and Don'ts when it comes to conquering these areas.


Do attend as many networking events as you can to get your name out there. You never know what business connections or future clients you might meet. However, the key here is to be personable!

Don’t talk all about yourself or jump into what your company might be able to do for them. No one likes a pushy sales guy, so don’t be that guy (or girl)!

Do treat the experience as a first date- engage them, ask questions and genuinely act interested in what they are saying. Then if you have something that might help them out or be of interest to them mention it casually.

Do exchange business cards. You want to be able to follow up with your new contact so make sure to swap cards.

Don’t immediately go home and call them! Haven’t you heard this in dating? Well it’s also true in business! You don’t want to appear desperate. Give it a day or two and follow up with an e-mail. This way they can respond when they have time and if you don’t get a response, well then you get the hint.

Do dress professional. Its fine to dress casual but it is quite another to wear your ripped jeans and tennis shoes. First impressions are key and although people say they don’t judge, they totally do. So dress to impress!

Social Media

Don’t over post. Yes your fans and followers want to hear about your business but they don’t want so much info that it is consuming the whole homepage of their Facebook.

Do update regularly. (Now I know I just said don’t over post, so there is a fine line between too much info and not enough info). With that being said, the thing I hate the most is when a company or restaurant hasn’t updated content for over a month or for that matter over a week. By not updating regularly it makes it seem as if you don’t care about your followers. Your followers are your biggest fans so keep them updated!

Do link your social media sites together. If you have a website you should have a social media widget connecting all your pages together. If you are on Facebook you should list your other social media links and so on. This is important so that your customers and clients can easily fan you, tweet you or follow your blog. Without the links in plane sight most likely your following won’t know you are even using social media.

Don’t make it all about you. Yes, your fans and followers want to be updated on your latest business happenings but they also want to be engaged. Throw out questions to your audience (example: If you’re a restaurant, ask your fans what there favorite dish is or if you are a boutique, what trends are your fans loving). These types of engaging questions allow your audience to interact with you. They can also be a source of inspiration and insight into what your audience likes, dislikes etc.

Do post interesting and relative articles to your social media sites. Did you read an interesting article that relates to your business? Well I’m sure your following would love to be able to read about it too!

Do synchronize your social media layouts. By this I don’t mean they need to be identical, but they all should have your logo as your profile picture, similar colors and flow between sites. The last thing you want is a hodge-podge of social media with no real overall design concept.

Now go on get out there!


Friday, April 9, 2010

New Clients Spotlight

Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Richardson Family Dentistry-  Marketing Mix Studio is currently working on a webpage for Denver's 5280 top of the town dentists! 

Priceless Memories Photography-  Based in El Paso, Texas, Patricia Bonilla, specializes in wedding, quincenearas, graduations, family portraits, reunions, maternity and child photography.  Marketing Mix Studio created her Facebook fan page!

Chef Vary-  She is from Florence, Italy but comes to the U.S. to prepare food demonstrations, cook for clients and host special events. Some of her clients include Bloomingdales in San Francisco and various golf courses in Colorado. She is an amazing chef and her food is decadent! She is coming to Marketing Mix Studio to help create brochures for her U.S. tours!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pssh..... Forget about Sea Level, The Mile High City is Where it's at!

Since Marketing Mix Studio's focus is towards helping small businesses I thought we would highlight a few of our favorite Denver/Douglas County small businesses. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Cakes Bakeshop
I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur. I have tried every cupcake shop within Denver city limits and I can honestly tell you Happy Cakes tips the cake! I love their inventive flavors like oatmeal raisin, raspberry lemonade, margarita, French toast and my traditional favorite, red velvet. I liked these sweet little cakes so much, I forwent a traditional wedding cake and you guessed it…. had a cupcake wedding cake! If you are every in the hip Highlands neighborhood you must check out Happy Cakes.

Other great places in D-town for a sweet treat!
D Bar Desserts You gotta try the donuts or molten cake…YUMMMM!
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream  In the mood for some ice cream? Bonnie Brae is homemade and oh so delicious!

CorePower Yoga
I started my yoga practice back in college and have loved it ever since. So when I stumbled upon CPY I was ecstatic. My favorite class at CPY is yoga sculpt. Now when I explain this to you, you may think I am crazy but you have to try this class! Imagine a room heated between 100-103 degrees, going through yoga salutations all while holding weights between 2-8 pounds, doesn’t that sound fun?! Surprisingly this and other classes offered by CPY leave you feeling reenergized. They also break up the monotony of working out. But just a warning, bring an extra towel because you will literally sweat your butt off!

Canvas and Cocktails
My business partner and I just tried a class here last week. $40 gets you a canvas, paint, brushes and a lively instructor that will show you how to create a masterpiece. This class was perfect for someone like myself, that loves art but does not have an ounce of artistic ability. I left with a sense of accomplishment and amazement that I created such a work of art! It also gets better… extra $12 will get you a bottle of wine! Painting and cocktails, what an ingenious idea! They also offer kids clinics (minus the cocktails). So if you are looking for a creative outlet try out Canvas and Cocktails, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to eat. I love trying out new restaurants and I especially love unique places only found in Colorado. Garbanzo is a restaurant my husband and I happened to venture into a few weeks ago. It is Mediterranean food heaven. Great thing is that this place is casual dining at its finest. I was sent into a food coma after having a wheat pita with hummus, lettuce, vegetable salad, rice, chicken shwarma, falafel with Mediterranean garlic sauce to top it off. Oh and you have to have dessert and my choice is Baklava. For those of you who don’t know what Baklava is, it’s oohey-gooey goodness of honey, phyllo dough and nuts. With 9 locations across Colorado I am sure you will find one near you.

My other favorite restaurants (since I live in Douglas County I have to pay homage to my cities finest):

Little Italy Pizzeria: Best garlic knots and pizza on the south side (off of I-25 castle pines parkway).

The Old Stone Church: One of the best happy hours in Castle Rock. Plus how much cooler can you get then a restaurant built inside a church from 1888?!

Siena at the Courtyard: Siena offers a unique menu with everything from pasta and pizza to steak and seafood. There is something on the menu to fit everyone.

So now it’s your turn! What are your favorite places in and around Denver?