Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So you have a blog, now what?

Blog’s can be a great source of information for your customers, however coming up with something week after week can be daunting. Here are some ideas and inspirations for those times when you get the notorious writers block.

-Think about the top questions you get asked by your customers and write a blog addressing those questions.

-What are you working on? You can easily upload pictures and show your readers what your business is up too.

-Interview someone in your industry. Provide your readers with an interesting interview from an industry insider.

-Travel. Get inspired by your surroundings. You don’t have to travel to far off distances even listing some local hot spots can create a blog entry.

-Read. Select a few articles that you have read or provide reviews on books you have recently read relating to your industry.

-Surf the net. By searching the internet you can find interesting articles, stories or pictures for your posts.

-Shop. This is my personal fav :) Shop for things or services for your industry and sharing that with your readers.

-Write a review. In business you use a lot of different services and make great connections so share that with your readers and give your rave reviews about who you use. (Be careful with this one though if your writing a negative review, it could come back to bite you)

-Try new places and things. By trying out new places or things you are not only staying current within your industry but you can provide readers with why your way of doing things is better than the competition.

-Get technical. Are their certain aspects of your business that leave people scratching their heads? Explain in layman’s terms something about your industry.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 5 Twitter Tips

1.) To be relevant on Twitter updates must be consistent and frequent. Update one to four times a day. Twitter differs from Facebook in that you should be posting something everyday (M-F/8-5). It doesn’t have to be your deepest darkest thought but a quick update will do.

2.) Posts don’t have to be about what you’re doing every second of every day. Posts for businesses can be personal (like what projects you’re currently working on), RT’s (AKA re-tweets of follower’s relatable topics), links to interesting articles or a link to a new blog post.

3.) Find “friends” that interest you, relate to you/your business AND that you will benefit from their tweeting. Don’t feel bad if you don’t follow everyone that follows you! By doing so you will limit the time spent thumbing through spam tweets.

4.) Build relationships with your followers. Twitter is not all about you…. So make sure to engage in conversation through your tweets. Twitter is a community and can be highly beneficial for business but you must know how to reach your followers. Most importantly under no circumstances does this mean sending DM’s with sales pitches!

5.) Learn the Twitter lingo….. If you don’t know what @, DM, # or #FF mean then you must do some research before you get on Twitter.

So I know I said top 5 tweet tips but I must throw in one more….6.) Have Fun! :)