Friday, April 30, 2010

Flaunt Worthy Fonts

On most computers Times New Roman is the default font, and in my opinion the most boring (it brings me back to the days of writing school papers and no one wants to be reminded of that!)  Well I'm here to tell you we have come a long way since the days of only having a few fonts to select from.  In fact, typography can be an inexpensive way to create an interesting and dynamic marketing design.  So this week’s blog features a few of my newest font favorites! Use these fonts or others, to spice up your website or make attention-grabbing marketing material. Just be careful that it is still easy to read and flows with your overall design objectives. Enjoy!

Featured Fonts:

Orial- I love that the swirls add delicateness to this bold typography.

FontDinerDotCom- Retro, yet whimsical this font reminds me of a 50’s diner.

El&Font Block- This graffiti style font would be hard to pull off for most businesses. But….I think given the right audience and industry, like an urban fashion blog and this font could add some edginess.

Green Piloww- I love the organic handwritten characteristics of this font. I think it would be perfect for a green business.

TrashCo- Grungy with ink splatter spots, this typography is funky and functional.

Vtks Revolt- I like that the capital letters are different from the rest of the word. This one is creative yet easy to read which is key.


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