Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Official Launch News

I can't believe it is already August!  As summer draws to a close Marketing Mix Studio has officially launched!  We are excited to take on this next phase and look forward to working with new clients.

We brought Sarah Pfeffer (soon to be Mrs. Wood, she gets married this coming weekend!) on as our new graphic designer.  She has already done some great work re-working our logo and creating new icons for our website (soon to be uploaded).  We will post her formal bio when she gets back from her honeymoon.  Congrats Sarah!

In some other news we recently added a new client, J&B Image Promotions.  We will be working with them to update their newsletter and blog twice a month.  We are slated to start working on this project in August and can't wait!

Our next project we will be working on is updating the website.  We will be updating our services page, as well as add the new logo and icons.  Well that's all the updates for now!


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