Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspirational Blogging

One thing I love to do is travel. I love seeing new places, trying new food and meeting new people. One way travel can inspire your blog is through pictures. By taking pictures of what you find beautiful in your travels you can than translate that into a new color palate, texture or theme. However, don’t think you have to travel to far distant places, you can find inspiration all around you. People, scenary of everyday life and things are also great muses to get your creative juices flowing. Here are a few picture/blog translations I created.

I call this one Venetian Church.  This is a nod to the beautiful church's we saw in Venice, Italy.

This one is inspired by the flowers of Fiji. 

And lastly taking your favorite picture of someone special can inspire.  I called this one L-O-V-E.

Don't know where to begin? is a fantastic place to start!  Whether you are a novice or an expert you can create custom wallpapers for your blog, twitter or myspace. 

Happy coloring!


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